FC Prime 


Congratulations on being a player of FC Prime.So, you’ve gone through tryouts, negotiated your salary and signed your contract.  You are now ready to get your kit.  This may be the easiest thing you’ll do all season….. 


Buying Your Kit:

Here’s what to do – click on the kit you want to buy.  Enter your sizes and player number.  Please ensure you take your time and order the correct sizes and player number (you should check with your team manager, captain or coach to confirm your player number) because once the kit is printed it becomes your kit.  What we mean is, once we print your number on the kit you own it, even if you made a mistake on the number.


Processing/Customization Time

Your kit must be customized with logos and numbers which require additional processing time. Therefore, the shipping method chosen for delivery does not expedite the customization process. Deadline for placing your order is June 15th. Uniform Kits used to play on the pitch will be delivered on time only if the order is placed before the deadline. Uniform kits placed after the deadline cannot be guaranteed delivery prior to your first game. Don’t get us wrong, we completely understand the urgency to get your kit delivered in a timely fashion and will make every effort to complete all orders prior to the start of the season. 

Orders placed during the spring time may take any where from 2-4 weeks. Once again the shipping method chosen for delivery does not expedite the customization process. 

Now we at playwatchwear.com know that everyone wants to be number 10, and we have no doubt that you are a baller and deserve to be number 10.  That being said, we strongly encourage you to verify what your player number is before placing your order. There are no returns or exchanges on customized items.  

For your convenience, we will provide two delivery methods.  You get to decide which one you want…..choose wisely 

  •      We can ship it to your designated address for a flat rate of $7.99 using standard ground service. (Note that if you place your order before June 15th, you will receive a discounted shipping rate of $4.99)

  •     kits can be held for pick up at any Soccer Shop location.

Please contact a playwatchwear.com representative at (877) 863-4815 if you have specific questions about sizing for your Club's product or frankly any other question (except for the following):

  • What position you will play?
  • How much playing time you’ll get?
  • If you are good player
  • Is your team any good?
  • Will I become a pro?
  • Will Puma sign me to a contract?
  • How much will I be paid for playing

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